Moonlight Sonata (Prompt 083: better late than never)
[TM] Rosalind/Red John
Title: Moonlight Sonata
Rating: T
Characters: Red John
Summary: Red John unwinds after another long malicious workday.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Moonlight SonataCollapse )

Road of Good Intentions (1/1) (Prompt 023: Something wicked...)
other: the bunnies made me do it
Title: Road of Good Intentions
Author: tromana
Rating: T
Characters: Jane/Lisbon
Summary: "She was going to see Wicked tomorrow." Little did Lisbon know that that small observation was going to start Jane off on something.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Written for watchyouwalk as a part of the Paint It Red ficathon 2012. Also for the Paint It Read monthly challenge. Prompt: surrender. And for mentalistprompt 023: something wicked this way comes.

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Serial Killer Big Bang!
mentalist: lisbon red john
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Follow The Yellow Brick Road (Table I: Prompt 10)
mentalist: lisbon red john
Title: Follow The Yellow Brick Road
Author: tromana
Artist: weaselett
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Mentalist
Characters: Teresa Lisbon, Red John, Patrick Jane, Sam Bosco
Summary: [AU] Lisbon has always been a loyal person. Just how much can her loyalties be tested if her childhood friend turned out to be a certain, infamous serial killer? And just how much affect do they have on one another's paths?
Disclaimer: I do not own the Mentalist. This was written for fun.
Author's Notes: Thank you to weaselett for producing some magnificent artwork which can be found here. Thanks to miss_peg for betaing. Written for the angstbigbang and mentalistprompt: table I: prompt: "I've been looking for a girl like you - not you, but a girl like you." - Groucho Marx.
Warning: Violence, taking, maybe, a few too many liberties with canon?

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Prompt 88: My nightmares are usually about losing you
other: the bunnies made me do it
Sorry for the delay in posting prompt 88, I've been unwell again. I'll get back to posting them regularly soon.

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The eighty eighth prompt is: 
My nightmares are usually about losing you."
- Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


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Prompt 062: Are You Watching Closely? - I can't read you
Jane pencil
Title: I Can't Read You Like a Book
Author: miss_peg
Rating: PG
Summary: Jane meets a stranger on the beach...
Notes: Written for a holiday fic challenge, crossover with Skins, though if you've never seen Skins it's still readable. For weekly prompt 062: Are you watching closely?

(He stared back.)

Prompt 013: Distractions - Living Proof
Title: The Living Proof of What They're Calling Love
Author: miss_peg
Rating: PG
Summary: He loved her. Not that he'd admit it.
Notes: Written for a holiday fic challenge and for weekly prompt 013: distractions.

(He loved her.)

Prompt 037: Alone - Christmas at the Lisbon's
Lisbon jeans
Title: Christmas at the Lisbon's
Author: miss_peg
Rating: PG
Summary: Lisbon wakes up on Christmas morning with the thought of lots of memories.
Notes: Written for a holiday fic challenge and for weekly prompt 037: Alone.

(Christmas at the Lisbons)

The Angel of Death (Table: I, Prompt: 11. ER)
Lisbon Back
Picking Up The Pieces
Author: miss_peg
Artist(s): browneyesparker
Link to art: HERE
Word Count: 10922
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Five times Lisbon tries to save Tommy and one time she can't. Includes spoilers for Season 4.
Disclaimer: If I owned the Mentalist I wouldn't be writing fanfiction.
Notes: Written for mentalist_bb, for prompt 11 in table i.

Part One (links to parts 2-6)


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